'Baie de Douarnenez's scenery
certainly is the most wonderful bay in Brittany.
To small inlets follow high cliffs
whereas the view from the south coast
shows the best of Crozon preninsula.
As I usually say, clouds give volume
to the landscape.
Here, the light is subtly changing
nearly every minute, and from the point of view.
Perfect for the painter!

Peindre la Bretagne ou l’Ecosse
est le bonheur des chercheurs de lumière!
Ici, la pointe de Castelmeur, éclairée par l’ouest,
bien que sous la pluie!

Among all the Celtic countries
Brittany certainly is the LAND of standing stones.
One can count them by the thousands.
Here, the cairn called "Le Mougau"
stands high in the old granite mountains
with an impressive view around and down to the river Elorn,
A view forever the scenery of a clan chief.

La Bretagne, parmi les pays celtes,
compte peut-être le plus de mégalithes.
Ici, l’allée couverte du Mougau
surplombe la vallée de l’Elorn.

My specificity often is to paint the isles
without directly showing the ocean.
The sea can be guessed from geology.
Remember? I am keen on geology!
This painting, a sum up of the isle of Groix,
is called 'La Pointe du Chat'.
Remember the kitties with no link with geology?
It can be seen in the dining-room at 'LA GREK', a BnB I recommend at Groix!
Actually, I exchanged a week holidays on the isle
for this painting here on show!

Quand je peins les îles,
je ne montre pas la mer, mais la suggère.
Groix est un paradis pour les oiseaux ... et les géologues!
Je recommande 'LA GREK', maison d’hôtes originale
pour un séjour à Groix.

Going back inland,
there is a wonderful natural landscape
called 'Les Chaos de Huelgoat'.
There, you might find the devil's cave,
- well, I never saw his tail!
but also fascinating chaos
through which you can hear the merry music
of 'La riviere d'Argent', - yes, silver!
sometimes deep underneath,
sometimes on the surface.
My painting also shows mother Earth.

A l’intérieur de la Bretagne,
ce serait une faute de ne pas visiter
les Chaos enchanteurs de Huelgoat.

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